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WINDBAG Portable Fan

General purpose ventilation system for blowing, cooling and drying.

Product Info

Industrial ventilation system, for general use; to blow, cool and dry in any environment..

 Compared to rotary fans and others, 'Windbag' is more suitable for localized cooling and drying.

 The ventilation angle is freely changeable. Adjustable output through a full range of 220 ° in the vertical plane. Built-in motor safety prevents burns. For heavy duty jobs. The steel body is strong compared to the plastic ones.

 Pokkimprag uses the product of Nichido Industrial Ltd. Compact and light size. The combination of bipolar motor and double sirocco fan allows a light weight of 9.5 kg. It is convenient to carry it with a shoulder strap. Extendable Grounding Pin No need to use a ground adapter.

If you need help selecting your ventilation system, contact us by clicking here. Multipurpose portable fan (for cooling, drying and rotating)

 Para secar pisos mojados o encerados

 Para soplado (en lugar del ventilador giratorio)


 Para enfriar radiadores

 Para aire de escape * La abertura de entrada, la campana de entrada y las mangueras se venden por separado.

 Para enfriar aplicaciones


Powerful wind source

Adjustable attack angle

Compact and lightweight

Machine Specifications

MODELO VOLTAJE Y FASES POTENCIA (kW) Frecuencua (Hz) Corriente (A) Volumen Máx (m3/min) Peso aproximado (Kg) Tamaño del cable (m)
WB-02T 220 V monofásico 0.2 50 2.0 9.0 9.5 7