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Open Webinar : Implement ANDON - IoT Networks on manufacture processes.

Learn how to implement easy and affordable IoT solutions. Supervise, collect and analyze your process' and machines' operation data and steer your production towards Factory 4.0! Register here for free! (Presentation will be in spanish)

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YAMAZEN MEXICANA is a trading company for the machining and manufacturing industry. YAMAZEN MEXICANA started operations in Mexico in 2013 as a subsidiary of YAMAZEN JAPAN, with capacity to provide more than 200,000 products and more than 5000 brands from around 10,000 commercial representations, mainly from Japan, as well as other parts of the world.

The COVID-19 pandemic has complicated industrial operations. YAMAZEN MEXICANA can help you prepare and deal with this contingency. Ask us how!

Industrial Ultrasonic Washing: how does it work?

Industrial Ultrasonic Washing: how does it work?

Over 5,000 brands at your reach. Take a look!