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NEW! Aluminum Beam Structure Systems.

January 13, 2021
NEW! Aluminum Beam Structure Systems.

We invite all our clients and friends to see our new products!

Aluminum Beam Structure Systems.

We bring a complete solution in aluminum structural beams. Made in China and supported by our offices in Yamazen China, our aluminum structural beam line-up has everything you need to implement your solution, whatever it may be: scaffolding, architectural, expos and fairs, industrial structures, gates, partitions, storage, cabling , support structures, beams, windowing and much more.

Para más detalles puedes descargar el promocional de la linea de perfiles

For more details you can download the promotional of the profile line <HERE>, or contact your YAMAZEN sales representative with our email info@yamazen.com.mx or by phone 472-7486400. We look forward to it!

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