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Introducing! TOSHIBA X-Ray Non-Invasive Inspection Systems

November 10, 2021
Introducing! TOSHIBA X-Ray Non-Invasive Inspection Systems

We invite you to meet the TOSHIBA Non-Invasive X-ray Inspection TOSCANER and TX Series equipment!

TOSHIBA Non-Invasive X-ray Inspection systems allow inspection of manufactured parts without the need for cuts

The TOSCANER and TX lines have a variety of designs sufficient for different analysis needs, from small parts with the Compact Micro CT models (ideal for the bio-medical industry) or for large parts such as automotive or aerospace with the high energy Industrial CT models. or Micro CT models, ideal for changing part characteristics conditions.

The Non-Invasive Inspection facilitates the review in situations where the destruction of the piece is not desirable, either by keeping the sample intact or by avoiding alterations to the piece that could contaminate the analysis.

The TOSCANER and TX lines allow multiple types of analysis such as: three-dimensional CAD digital structural engineering analysis, digital structural engineering software applications, defect extraction, dimensionalization and shape measurement, CAE (computer aided engineering) analysis among others.

For more information, we invite you to visit the product page at this link or contact your Yamazen sales representative.

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