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October 04, 2019

Sometimes implementing automated solutions can be challenging due to the complexity of installation and maintenance of the components and the implied high costs, especially when we talk about articulated robotic arms, and not to mention the academic use, when the technical requirements exceed the capabilities of the teaching institutions, forcing them to invest in special facilities and generating risk factors within an environment where people who interact with robots lack the necessary experience to work safely with them.

Taking advantage of this area of opportunity, Dyadic Systems presents its Self-learning collaborative robotic arm DSR2-400. Safe, collaborative, versatile and self-programmable it is a perfect solution for simple automation and/or as an academic learning tool for future industry professionals.


- An all-in-one solution: Controller, servo-amplifier, solenoid valve, all in a 14 Kg easy to transport package.

  • Easy to program: The DSR2-400 robotic arm is self-programmable in its 3 servomotors only manually by moving it, and then adjusting details and checking the operation on the control device.
  • Intuitive programming software: With a graphical interface with visual drag-and-drop icons function for common operations. No previous programming skills are required.
  • Box palletizing capacity: It can be used to assemble product boxes.
  • Safe to use: Crash detection system that reacts to contact, instantly arresting movement.
  • Versatile: Including a solenoid hydraulic valve with an air outlet at the end of the arm, which allows pneumatic solutions such as pneumatic jaws or suction cups. Also compatible with various types of electric screwdrivers (held through the arm).
  • Expandable: Possibility of controlling extra axles (up to 4) such as mechanical or up to 3 servo cylinders and adapters at the tip of the arm, further expanding the operating range.



Repetition Accuracy (+/- 0.05mm XY)  (+/-0.01mm Z) (+/-0.2deg)
Load Capacity 2Kg
Momentum 0.002Kgm2
Z Axis Force 20N
Voltage 24DC – 8Amps (Alimentación AC100~240 50/60 Hz)
Power 200W max.
Weight 14Kg (Without ad-ons)

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