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Mechanical vibration in the industry and IMV products

December 06, 2018
Mechanical vibration in the industry and IMV products

Vibration is defined as a regular physical movement (oscillation) around an equilibrium point, and these may be periodical or random. Within this, mechanical vibration related to the movements created during the regular performance of machines is a common occurrence within all types of industries, whether desired or not. Sometimes companies wish to detect and eliminate it, sometimes they need to create and control it. Vibration is both a constructive and destructive tool, depending on your necessities. For both cases, industries all over the world exist which specifically address this concerns, such as IMV Corporation in Japan, specializing in vibration analysis equipment.




Detecting vibration

As previously said all mechanical processes create vibration due to the interaction of their different parts. However, this vibration may be a factor in undesired results within the manufacturing process. In this cases, vibration characteristics need to be well identified in order to be properly addressed. In other cases, vibration provides valuable information about the proper performance of mechanical processes –i.e. machines-. An abnormal vibration early detection may safeguard valuable time, money and human resources. In order to achieve this, different tools are needed: seismometers, vibrometers and accelerometers are some of these tools, each measuring a different aspect of the same phenomena.

Creating vibration

There is, however, cases where we need vibration in order to achieve our goal. Some of these cases are:

Product production quality control

Product performance quality control

New product engineering testing

For the first case we need to know whether the final assembly of our products is sturdy enough for the final usage, so we use vibration to exceed the regular usage parameters of the product to induce an expected failure. In the second case, we need to know if our product will perform properly within the normal usage conditions, so we use vibrations as a reproduction of regular performance parameters. In the third case, we use vibrations as a reproduction of expected conditions of operation for a new product, in order to fine-tune our engineering development process.

Introducing IMV Corporation

IMV Corporation is a Japanese industrial company specialized in vibration test systems, vibration measuring devices and vibration tests consulting. With 50 years of experience, IMV Corporation is the go-to partner for vibro-related applications; from environmental testing, measurement and to chemical, electromechanical, etc., with great pride in the quality and reliability Japanese manufacture is known for.

IMV product line includes:

Electrodynamic testing systems: from high grade range single and multiple axis vibration test systems to compact table size low noise small vibration test systems.

Vibrations measurement and monitoring devices: handheld portable vibrometers, wi-fi portable vibrometers, vibration monitoring systems with multiple sensor configurations of accelerometers (electrodynamic, piezoelectric piezoresistive, servo controlled).

Vibration analysis software systems and monitoring systems to recall data from single and multiple sources.

Seismic monitoring systems: design to record, analyze and respond to seismic and earthquake data.

A Series Air Cooled Vibration Test Systems

One such product is the A74 Vibration Test System, which creates a “new standard” in vibration testing. The A series increases the relative excitation force with a displacement of 76.2mm per pulse (3 inches), which provides a good balance between specified velocity, acceleration and displacement, with a max. 3.5m/s shock velocity testing mode (ideal for lithium battery testing). Equipped with pre-defined test templates, you can quickly create vibration tests that conform to most international profiles, by simply selecting the standard and corresponding template.


Vibration Generator (A74)

 Armature Mass (kg)


 Armature Diameter (φmm)


 Shaker Body Diameter (φmm)


 Armature Resonance (Hz)


 Allowance eccentric moment (N.m)


 Maximum Payload (kg)


 Stray Field (mT)


 Mass (kg)



Whatever your vibro-related necessity is, IMV is surely the best solution you’ll get. Please contact your YAMAZEN representative in order to get more information to provide the right solution for you.

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