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How to use IoT for 'Kaizen' from December 2018's seminar.

January 18, 2019
How to use IoT for 'Kaizen' from December 2018's seminar.
YAMAZEN Mexicana held a seminar on December 13, 2018 called "Industry 4.0 / IoT Solution Seminar 2018" and its topic was how to use the IoT (Internet of Things) with the 'Kaizen' quality management processes. Following is an excerpt from this lecture.
The “Internet of Things” (IoT) is a mechanism in which that various ‘things’ are connected to the Internet and control each other by exchanging information. Official use of the word comes from 1999; this concept has been approached from various angles since long ago. Recently, within the factories, information is required to be reported to managers "accurately", "immediately" and "in an appropriate form", in order to use it for management decisions. This "accurate", "immediate" and "appropriate form" of on-site information transmission is the area where IoT works effectively.

Where should we start to introduce IoT in order to generate profits? At the correct understanding of gathered process information in order to improve production efficiency, that in turn develops into preventive maintenance which would translate into company’s profit.
Performance and quality improvements, raise of sale prices, and reduction of purchase prices are difficult to achieve since these require efforts from outside the companies. Therefore, the easiest way to generate profit must be to improve the use of current factory’s assets.
There is a factory utilization efficiency index of production equipment called “Overall Equipment Effectiveness” (OEE). OEE can be calculated by:

Factory Utilization Rate × Performance * A1 × Quality * B2.

* A1 Ratio of actual manufacturing speed/ Calculated speed in production

* B2 Percentage of good products/ Production volume

First, we measure Factory utilization Rate and OEE. Introducing IoT to the manufacturing industry requires continuous response. It is important to start "fast and small" in a step-up formula, and focus on the "item to generate profit" and regularly check the effect of introducing this technology. It would be a good idea to utilize packaged products (budget 20,000 to 100,000 USD) as the first step.

Easy IoT to be introduced to factories as proposed by Yamazen Mexico

The PATLITE Air GRID WD-Z2 type can be the one IoT product to be introduced to factories easily. This is a system in which production equipment information is wirelessly transferred by simply putting on a signal light and receiver made by PATLITE.


Advantages of the Air GRID WD-Z2 model

1) Easy implementation: the system can be installed in both new and old equipment from mixed manufacturers.
2) Easy operation: The automated collection of factory operation data for 24 hours-365 days a year, release you from preparing daily handwritten data entry reports and analysis/results documents.
3) Easy maintenance: Being a wireless system, time consuming work such as infrastructure layout change, update, and equipment expansion are greatly reduced.

* There is a limitation on the type of signal lights that can be installed in the WD-Z2 model. Please contact us for details.

Data Application

The (referred) image shows the operation management software for KPI analysis and OEE of collected data from the Air GRID WD-Z2. Analysis and real time monitoring for manufacturing industry such as Gantt chart system or Andon system is supported. Yamazen Mexicana has an active PATLITE Air GRID WD-Z2 type and Mcframe SIGNAL CHAIN demonstration at our Silao Show Room. Please contact us for detail.
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