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¡Webinar! Open invitation to the Webminar: "Design and Machining of Mechanical Parts" / MasterCam - Brother CNC

October 08, 2021
¡Webinar! Open invitation to the Webminar: "Design and Machining of Mechanical Parts" / MasterCam - Brother CNC

To our clients, visitors and friends:

Yamazen Mexicana is pleased to invite you to the open webinar presentation of the theme "Design and Machining of Mechanical Parts", which will be presented in conjunction with presentors from technology providers from each of the stages of development of machined parts. The appointment is Wednesday, October 27 at 11:00 am through the Zoom platform. To participate, register for free at the following link <https://tinyurl.com/448w2n2v> or by clicking on the image below:

The duration of the presentation will be approx. 1 hour and it has no cost.

The complete production process of machined parts starts from the computer-aided design, to later go through the machining in machine tool types controlled by computerized numerical control (CNC) and finally, the geometry of the part is reviewed to verify that its manufacture is within geometrical limits and tolerances defined in engineering design documents. Specialized products (software, cutting tools, fasteners, CNC machines and metrology systems) are used in each of these tasks and each of these is provided by leading companies in their field:

CAD AVSHMEIP (www.cadavshmeip.com)

Monterrey-located company specialized in CAD / CAM / CAE and 3D services, distributors of 3D software, 3D printers and scanners, and reverse engineering.

Kyocera SGS Solid Carbide Tools (https://www.kyocera-sgstool.com/)

Kyocera Solid Material Cutting Tool Division, pioneering some of the most advanced material cutting technologies with worldwide manufacturing and distribution.

Yamazen Mexicana SA de CV (https://yamazen.com.mx)

Industrial commercial broker from Japan, whose specialty is CNC machines, parts and accesories as well as over 200,000 different industrial products.

Each part of the seminar will be offered by expert staff from each company, presenting how the products of each solve their part of the design, cutting and machining production process, and will allow those attending the seminar to directly ask any of the presenters about it. presented topic or any other question of the production processes and the products involved.

Take this opportunity to understand more about the part design and machining process, as well as the products used in those processes.
We'll be waiting for you!


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