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Introducing! Brother SPEEDIO Series R-X2.

June 26, 2021
Introducing! Brother SPEEDIO Series R-X2.

We have a new video introducing the BROTHER SPEEDIO R-X2 line!

We have prepared a video presentation of the features and benefits of the Brother SPEEDIO R-X2 line. The X2 version of the R650 / R450 with a rotary loading table (QT -quick turn- Pallet Changer) that allows changing the piece without wasting work time allowing continuous machining ("Wasted Time = Zero"). The work area of the R650X1 model allows the installation of jigs up to 420mm in height (including rotary tables), which could not be with previous models. Plus, its massive 40-tool ATC magazine (R650) ensures that you will be able to perform all machining operations in a single station.

See details on the R650X2 here, and the R450X2 here.

For more information or if you are interested in testing the equipment on our show floor, contact us at tel. 472-7486400, to the email info@yamazen.com.mx or through our website.

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