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NEW! YUKEN machining chip compactor machine.

July 05, 2021
NEW! YUKEN machining chip compactor machine.

Introducing the YUKEN Chip Compactor!

Introducing the YUKEN metal cutting chip compactor. The YUKEN compactor allows you to save space in the handling of your cutting chip, reducing the volume of the residue by up to 85% (depends on the material and the shape of the chip) and making it more manageable. In addition, the pressing process of the YUKEN compactor helps recover the impregnated coolant thus reducing waste costs, allowing its reuse. Aluminum, steel, bronze, copper, titanium, naylamid or any other mechanical cutting residue, the YUKEN compactor is the solution to waste management.

The YUKEN compactor uses an automatic compating process where the size of the load is adjusted as well as the compression time, but it can also be used manually. Chip loading is done manually through the upper gate, but it can also be integrated into your machining line to receive the chips in an automated way through conveyor belts, linking its operation to your machining operation.

We invite you to test the YUKEN compactor on our show floor; Bring your chip to see first-hand the great advantage the YUKEN compactor offers to our show floor. Contact your YAMAZEN sales representative or call us at 472-7486400 or via email info@yamazen.com.mx.



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