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Maxi stands out for its large capacity, a surprisingly small base and an ergonomic and elegant design. Very safe, with electronically closed drawers and compartments. Maxi leads the MATRIX range of automatic tool dispensers, offering the widest range of compartment options and the largest storage capacity.

Product Info

Cabinet CNC MAXI leads the range of MATRIX automatic tool dispensers, offering the widest range of compartment options and the largest storage capacity. Suitable for a variety of tools and related products, such as:

     Tool holders, drills, holders and blades
     Hard Metal Tools
     Measuring elements
     Small and medium molars
     Accessories and Spare Parts
     Small and medium industrial products


Storage options in Maxi, CNC cabinet

     Drawers per Cabinet: 1-12 [depending on drawer height and number of Auto-Locks]
     Drawer height (net): 50mm / 2 ”, 75mm / 2.9”, 100mm / 3.9 ”and 125mm / 4.9”
     Permitted weight per drawer: up to 50kg and 90kg in Jumbo drawers.

     30 Drawers with different configurations available.
     Up to a maximum of 198 compartments per drawer.
     The Auto-Lock automatically closes the compartments when closing the drawer (optional).


CNC Cabinet Specifications

    The weight of the Cabinet depends on the number of Drawers and Auto-Locks: MAXI with 4 drawers with Auto-Lock ~ 400kg; MAXI with 12 drawers ~ 600kg
    The cabinet frame includes 4 height adjustable legs and a removable front panel for easy forklift access.
    Maxi Dimensions: 1180mm (W) x 752mm (D) x 1469mm (H)
    Available in 2 Versions: TOUCH and POD (additional to TOUCH)
    TOUCH: Includes PC, 19 ″ Touch Screen, UPS (surge protection and power backup) barcode reader, network switch and management software.
    Manual actuation in case of power failure.
    Available Readers: RFID, Fingerprint Reader and Magnetic Card Readers.
    Network: All Versions can connect to the LAN. The POD can be connected directly to the TOUCH.
    Power supply: 220AC +/- 10% 2.2A
    The structure of the cabinets and drawers are made of top quality galvanized steel.
    The lid and the side panels are made of ABS and the compartments in PC-ABS.
    All metal, plastic and electronic components that make up the cabinet are recyclable.
    Exterior Colors: Black (RAL9005) and gray (RAL9116)
    Manufactured under QMS ISO9001-2008
    CE & UL / CA certified


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