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ADO-SUS Carbide Drills for Titanium

The ADO-SUS line-up us design to drill on titanium alloys and also other stainless steel grades. It provides a stable performance and long tool life even under high feed rates.

The ADO-SUS family of drill tackles some of the most common problems associated with these materials (titanium alloys):

- Tendency to hardening during work: The ADO-SUS drill sharp cutting edge reduces work hardening leading to longer tool life

- Chip elongation: The ADO-SUS new flute geometry creates compact cutting chips

- Tool life shortening due to high cutting temperature: The ADO-SUS special margin shape reduces heat and friction; it has a long overhang lenght with a 'M' margin that ensures machining stability.

- Material welding onto tool: The ADO-SUS has a new coolant hole shape allowing a maxium amount of coolant to supress heat generation.


In addition, OSG propietary WXL coating provides high adhesion strenght which minimizes the possibility of chipping.


Solves: Tool life shortening due to high cutting temperature

Solves: Material welding onto tool

Solves: Chip elongation

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