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AMANO pollution emissions control solutions

January 09, 2019
AMANO pollution emissions control solutions

Mexico, like other industrialized countries, has regulations to operate under environmentally safe conditions, not only for the preservation of the environment in general, but also regulates the conditions under which productive activities must be carried out by operational personnel. Therefore, it is vital to have the support of a company specialized in the control of polluting emissions.

Yamazen Mexicana has a strategic alliance with AMANO, a leading company in its field of Pollution Emissions Control to offer our customers quality products and the highest Japanese engineering aimed at helping your company in compliance with Mexican standards.

Wide variety of AMANO options 

The AMANO solutions offer starts with a wide range of mist collectors, although currently in our country there is no specific regulation on the prevention of oil mists, if it is of vital importance to consider the effects generated by machining processes without fog collectors, compromising the process and the quality of our product, obtaining a lower performance by our machinery and mainly the health risks due to poor air quality, prolonged contact with oil mist, damaging the eyes, the skin and affects the respiratory system, affects poor visibility in the plant and the very high risk of slips and falls due to excess oil in walls and floors.


AMANO is the only manufacturer to cover all the technologies available in fog collectors, being the solution to your fog emission problems for any machining condition, with oil or water soluble lubricants in high and low concentrations and for any size and brand of lathes or machining centers, counting on traditional collectors with physical filters, without filters or "maintenance free" in addition to an electrostatic series for the most demanding processes.

In addition to oil mists, a common contamination in our plants comes in the form of dust, for which AMANO has an impressive number of options to solve the problems of each process of deburring, grinding, welding, press, stamping and laser marking, our team of engineers together with the technical advisors of AMANO are trained to offer your company a dust collector either standard or high pressure, with smoke control or even anti-explosive when necessary, being able to design, manufacture and install from a small individual team to a centralized system of large scale and totally customized for your plant.

Whatever you need, AMANO and Yamazen have the solution

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