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Mitutoyo: Total Manufacture Metrology (Parte 1)

August 07, 2021
Mitutoyo: Total Manufacture Metrology (Parte 1)

Industrial metrology is one of the pillars of industrial production to ensure the quality of manufactured products. Industrial metrology allows a harmonized international measurement system that promotes cooperation and innovation between companies, facilitating technical and scientific exchange, while promoting the quality of manufactured products.

Mitutoyo has the full range of metrology tools needed to meet the tolerance and geometric dimensional measurement needs of virtually any industry. Here's a quick table of Mitutoyo’s metrology tools:

Linear micrometer heads and micrometers. Micrometers for internal apertures (Holtests, Interior Gauges) Linear Height and depth gauges Dial Gages
Digital linear gages y laser scan micrometers Linear encoders Form and Shape, Roughness, Roundtester Vision Measuring Systems
Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM) Profile Projectors and Microscopes Hardness Testing Machines Reference and master blocks and heights, granite tables and special tools

However, nowadays industrial metrology not only refers to obtaining precise geometric and dimensional data, but also how these are fed back to the different production processes. It is the duty of the measurement process to indicate to the other production areas what is happening with their processes, and thus be able to take quick and decisive actions that avoid or mitigate or anticipate problems that can be terribly costly for companies.

Mitutoyo has not only the tools to obtain the geometric data, but the IT infrastructure to record, process and share this data immediately and automatically, not only among the people involved in the process, but also directly to the teams involved in the production.

The Digimatic series and many of Mitutoyo's computerized control machines (Formtracer, Roundtracer, Contracer, all CMMs and Vision systems) can share geometric information directly to computer systems through various IT solutions.

How do Mitutoyo solutions work with each other? We explain it below.

Mitutoyo Data Transmission Technologies.

Direct data entry tools:

Mitutoyo provides accessories for data capture from Mitutoyo Digimatic tools and portable roughness measuring machines. These can be connected through the RS-232C or USB port to computer equipment and be used by any program that accepts text, and they are the following:

Footswitch / Input Button: These button / footswitch tools allow measurement data to be sent directly as text input via USB or RS-232  signal*.

Direct input USB-ITN: The USB-INT interface allows a Digimatic * tool to be directly connected to a USB port, being automatically recognized as a HID (Human Interface Device) device.

* Cannot be used on computers with a USB keyboard

U-Wave-R Wireless Receiver for Measurement Data:

The U-WAVE system allows data from multiple small tools (calipers, micrometers and Mitutoyo Digimatic dial indicators) to be directly received through the U-WAVE-T transmitter unit and U-WAVE-R receiver, and loaded into any software that accepts text inputs (such as Excel or Notepad to mention 2 popular examples); if your software has capture space, then you can use the U-WAVE system. The number of tools you can handle with a single U-WAVE-R receiver is 100 units, and with up to 16 receivers per computer, you can ensure that you can connect all the tools you need.

USB-ITPAK 2.0 data collection software:

The USB-ITPAK 2.0 software is a quick solution for the collection of data from one or more small instruments (small tools) and together with the U-WAVE facilitate the collection of data and its subsequent use in Excel spreadsheets, controlling the flow and direction of cell filling, requesting, canceling or skipping records with the keyboard or keypads.

Software Mitutoyo MeasureLink: Recolección de datos en línea y en tiempo real:

MITUTOYO's comprehensive solution for geometric data collection, tracking, centralization and analysis is GD&T MeasureLink data management software. The most versatile measurement tool available, this high-performance statistical platform presents real-time data with crystal-clear reporting, with tracking and viewing of part inspection data like no other.

The use of a relational database provides you with a safe and organized means of storing information, which allows you to obtain dimensional data from any authorized person (production, engineering, maintenance or inspection area) of your company for analysis and allows can make corrective decisions that guarantee quality and costs in their production processes.

Measurelink Software Applications:

  • Data collection in real time.
  • Process data analyzer.
  • Process manager dashboard.
  • Repeatability and Reproduction (R&R) in Gages.
  • Gages inventory and calibration control.

MeasurLink Features:

  • Ease of use: one-click update; easy configuration with the intelligent inspection (Inspection Wizard).
  • Data Acquisition: Easily obtain data from micrometers, calipers, indicators, hole gauges, and other devices - same for one sample as for one million.
  • Part Images: View part drawings and photos, and guided sequences keep the operator on part features.
  • Graphs and statistics: histograms, graphs, capacities, traceability and corrective actions. Identify and visualize patterns of behavior.
  • Dimensional data and calculation of derived characteristics: height, width, depth, diameters, etc., and calculated values ​​of derived characteristics (volume, actual positions, variations, etc.), all of these date-stamped by the system clock for review. historical
  • Attribute data:  Add visual inspection data, track Go / NoGo failures individually or as a group to determine part defects.
  • Corrective action plans: Operators can assign corrective actions to parts or processes based on the measurement results.
  • Engineering and multimedia specifications: attach design files to parts, routines, or process; include video, sound, images as auxiliary elements.
  • Flexible reports: Create reports with company logo and free text and table and graph positions. Use Crystal Reports for your own reports.
  • Derived mathematical characteristics: calculate mathematical functions such as roots, exponentials, trigonometric functions, statistical functions, and so on.

U-Wave capable small metrology tools.

Mitutoyo provides a wide variety of hand tools with the ability to send information to the MeasureLink system.

Digital micrometers:

Series 293:

  • Digital: With protection up to IP65 level against dust / water and texture for grip. Opening up to 500mm
  • MDC: High precision, only with “zero” button. Opening up to 25mm.
  • MDH: High precision (0.1μm) of the Digimatic line. Opening up to 25mm.
  • QuantuMike: Fast reading. Protection up to IP65 level. Opening up to 10mm.

Series 227:

  • ABSOLUTE: Absolute linear encoder, adjustable force. Opening up to 30mm.
  • QuickMike: IP54, fast reading, non-rotating spindle. Opening up to 105mm.

Series 104:

Interchangeable frame. Opening up to 1000mm (with interchangeable frame).

Series 406:

Spindle without rotation. Up to 25mm. / Series 331: Small diameter frame, IP65, up to 25mm.

Series 324, 342,
343, 395, 317, 389,
323, 369, 422:

Special stops for particular uses, IP65 / 54, up to 100mm.

Cabezas Micrométricas:

  • Series 350: IP65 / Serie 164: Pantalla giratoria hasta 25mm.

Micrómetros internos:

  • Series 468, 468: Holtest de 3 y 2 puntos, apertura hasta 300mm
  • Series 568: ABSOLUTE Borematic: codificador lineal, medición 3 puntos, hasta 125mm
  • Series 511: ABSOLUTE Digimatic Bore Gauge: Para diámetros internos, max./min, codificador lineal, hasta 160mm.


  • Series 500: ABSOLUTE, IP67, solar (sin baterías), codificador lineal, hasta 1000mm.
  • Series 550, 551, 573, 573: ABSOLUTE, IP67, puntas especiales, hasta 1000mm.
  • Series 552: DIGIMATIC, IP66, fibra de carbono, hasta 2000mm.

We will continue with further tools that work with the Mitutoyo data collecting systems on our next entry.


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