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May 20, 2019

Yamazen Mexicana invites its clients and the general public to take part of the seminar presented by Mitutoyo Mexicana at Irapuato city, Gto. state, from June 25th to 28th, 2019 (4 days – 32hrs total) on the topic: “CALIBRATION OF GEOMETRIC VERIFICATION INSTRUMENTS FOR PRODUCT QUALITY ASSURANCE”.

IMPORTANT! : Seminar is provided in Spanish only.

Date and Location

Date: June 25th to 28th, 2019
Schedule: 8:30 to 12:30 and 13:30 to 17:30 h.  
Location: Mitutoyo Irapuato Office, Guanajuato state.
Address: “Blvd. a Villas de Irapuato” #1460 local #1, Col. El Ejido. C.P. 36643

Seminar Objectives:

The Seminar’s objective is for the participants to know the different calibration alternatives so that they have the capability to develop their own procedures that satisfy the requirements of IATF16949 / ISO9001 based on ISO 17025 / ISO10012. The seminar is targeted at personnel from quality assurance and / or metrology laboratory areas, as well as those who need to know the way in which calibration systems operate and their importance in determining quality compliance.

Seminar Topics

• Fundamental concepts
• Implementation of the calibration system
• The standards as reference for the calibration of instruments for geometric product verification (GPS), including a matrix that relates the existing standards (Mexican, ISO (GPS), JIS, ASME) with the different instruments and measuring equipment used in Dimensional Metrology so that participants have references to develop their own calibration procedures.
• Environmental conditions
• Calibration of Pattern Blocks
• Verification of flatness tables

• Vernier calipers- LCMM 10 Procedure
• Dial calipers - LCMM 16 Procedure
• Digital calipers - LCMM 12 Procedure
• Height meters - LCMM 21 Procedure
• Outside micrometers - LCMM 35 Procedure
• Flatness and parallelism on micrometers inner faces - LCMM 39 Procedure
• Depth gauges with interchangeable rods - LCMM 73 Procedure
• Dial indicators - LCMM 50 Procedure
• Dial indicators - LCMM 42 Procedure
• Lever type dial indicators - LCMM 55 Procedure
• Automatic, semi-automatic calibration of dials
• Scale calibration
• Optical comparator - ING 11 Procedure
• Roughness meters and roughness masters - ING 42 Procedure
• Universal test machines verification.
• Indirect calibration procedure for Rockwell hardness tester calibration - ING 21 Procedure
• Test values uncertainty determination on calipers and micrometers calibration (topic included in the 32hrs option at Irapuato’s office).

About the seminar’s presentation

The seminars are presented by instructors from Mitutoyo’s Institute of Metrology - Mexico who have extensive industrial and teaching experience, having taught in recent years numerous courses on Instrument Calibration, Dimensional Metrology, Geometric Tolerances, Analysis of Measurement Systems, Uncertainty, application of ISO 17025, to a very diverse industries and educational institutions’ personnel.

The detailed procedures that are presented most companies can carry out internally. Other procedures are outlined for the benefit of those companies that have a greater capacity for internal calibration or to know what is required to be carried out by an external laboratory.

For this course, there are several instruments and calibration equipment for the practical part of the course, indicating what to do and what not to do, as well as how to do it. It is required that the participants have previous knowledge and experience in Dimensional Metrology. Keeping in mind that an image says more than a thousand words, both texts and Power Point presentations are use with large number of images that illustrate the topics covered.

The persons that may benefit from this course are those responsible for making calibrations and developing calibration procedures; also anyone who needs to know how a calibration system works and want to understand the importance of keep calibrated all measuring equipment that is used to determine the quality conformity in products and parts.

Seminar costs

$11,400.00mxn plus IVA p/person. All dues must be fully paid 15 days before the seminar’s date (a 30% penalty fee is charged in case of cancellation).
Included materials: Each person receives a technical book on instrument calibration with all the topics discussed during the seminar (updated) and a diploma to credit for receiving the seminar presentation.


You may register to the seminar by calling our offices at 472-7486400 to 04, Monday to Friday, from 9:00am to 6:00pm, by e- mail (info@yamazen.com.mx) or through our website.
For further information, please call Miguel Soriano at 477-6472491 or send an email to miguel.soriano@yamazen.com.mx


A purchase order and tax information (cédula fiscal) is required in order to make invoices. Invoices are sent AFTER receiving payment proof. Not before.

Other seminar options

24h seminar training (without the “uncertainty” topic) may be presented at your own installations on the date and time better suiting your company’s needs at a $51,700.00mxn plus IVA price. 32h seminar training including the “uncertainty” topic have a $68,900mxn plus IVA price, both adding transportation, hotel and travel expenses out of Naucalpan area to the total cost. The capacity is 20 persons per seminar. Saturday hours cost increase 20% on the seminar cost. Price must be covered 10 before the scheduled date.

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