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DM Series CNC Machining Centers

The Horkos D Series Machining Centers are highly flexible variable volume, production table fed (APC - Automatic Pallet Changer), horizontal machining centers for high performance production. The production table allows to load several workpieces at the same time, even with diferent configurations, so you may have a single machine with a composite of work products, and with a 60 tool magazine, you won't need a secondary process. Ideal for big format pieces like engine block covers. Includes iMQL system for internal lubrication.

-  Large tool capacity (60 slots)

- APC table device (Automatic Pallet Changer)

Automation and power-saving applications (DM100H optional)

It is possible to run the machine through Automation for a prolonged period of time by using an endless rotary conveyor system and vertical palette stocker or other multiple palette changer (optional part).

Endless conveyor system
Number of palettes stored 6
Palette dimensions 800mm x 800m



Huge work capacity

Up to 1,300mm swing diameter and 930mm height workspace (DM100H)

Double-sided clamping system

Highly accurate palette positioning in-place locking with internal air-blowing cleaning.

High-production automation capabilities

Endless rotary table conveyor system available (DM100H) for up to 6 concurrent pallets

Machine Specifications