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Jaw Pull-Back Type Pin Arbor Chuck

TEIKOKU CHUCK's Pin Arbor Chucks are designed for improving small size internal diameter (ID) chucking and the finishing of outer diameter (OD) workpiece clamping. Constantly innovating, TEIKOKU's PA Chuck line-up offers several different model configurations including unique and proprietary "jaw air detection" technology which deals with common dust-in-jaws problems usually found in production lines.

TYPES: PA Pin-Arbor (inside clamping), OPA Pin-Arbor (outer clamping), OPN Pin-Arbor (outside clamping), OPA swing-action (skip over clamping), OPA MICRO Air-Chuck, Special Design Arbor Chucks.

- PA Pin Arbor: Securely drawing the workpiece into the stopper without horizontal deviations / 0.01 TIR repeatability / ideal for auto-loaders / powerful ID clamping.

- MICRO OPA Air Chuck: Small size with built-in air cylinder / less than 0.005 T.I.R. concentricity / no horizontal deviations / light-weighted and reliable.

- OPA Pin Arbor: Securely drawing the workpiece into the stopper without horizontal deviations / 0.01 TIR repeatability / best for secondary machining / does not allow entry of chips / highly adaptable.
- OPN Pin Arbor: Excellent for mounting jaws / superior parallelism control / great jaws interchangeability repeatability / high concentricity.
- OPA Swing-Chuck: High precision skip-over function / irregular-shaped clamping is possible / custom chuck design and swing direction / lateral workpiece insertions is possible.



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