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'Pure Stella' Industrial Cleaner and Degreaser

"Pure Stella", a special electrolyzed water based cleaner; is a strong alkaline ionized water with a pH of 13.2 electrolyzed by propietary special technology without using any chemicals. Unlike conventional organochlorine cleaning agents, it is an environmentally friendly cleaning water that demonstrates cleaning and degreasing effects without taking various risks without using chemicals. You'll get  all PURE STELLA's surprising effects: "cleaning and degreasing", "disinfection", "deodorization", "rust prevention". 

Main Characteristics:

■ Remove persistent dirt such as oil stains
just spray and wipe off. After that, it evaporates like normal water, so do not have to wipe twice. It has strong penetrating power in order to remove dirt, and quickly lift it, so even fine uneven surfaces are easy to clean, and there is no need to worry about harmful substances remaining on the surface. 

■ Disinfect with strong alkaline ion power wash
The strong alkaline ion power removes E. coli, Salmonella, and even new influenza viruses. Since it does not disinfect using substances harmful to the human body, it can be used safely in kitchens and tables.

■ Decomposes the odor from the original source
The alkaline power deodorizes the surfaces it is sprayed on and at the same time decomposes dirt and bacteria with strong alkaline ion power, so it does not only cleans and disinfects but also removes bad odors from the applied surfaces, which is different from other general deodorization solutions that just add fragrance to odors. Pure Stella is odorless and effective against unpleasant odors such as toilets, lunch boxes, kitchenware, shoes, lockers, etc, etc, etc...

Acidic water rusts, but alkaline water does not 
Alkaline ion power can be expected to protect metals from rust. In addition, because it has the effect of preventing oxidation, rusted scissors (for example) that have poor movement will regain mobility just by soaking in for a day. * Note: Cannot be used for metals that react with alkali (aluminum, brass, copper, etc.)

Main Application Areas


Food Industries:


Food procesing machines, food preparation areas, kitchen utensils and equipment, supermarket displays, hotels, restaurants, school lunch facilities are some of the food related processes and locations that benefit from the use of PURE STELLA.

  • ■ Cleaning of food machines, filling machines, mixing pots, liquid tanks, food conveyors at food processing plants.

  • ■ Disinfecting cooking utensils, tableware, tables, floors at restaurants and school or industrial lunch facilities.

  • ■ Cleaning and disinfecting of market food and vegetables shelves, refrigerators, food weighting and packaging machines.

  • ■ Disinfecting and anti-oxidizing for fruits and vegetables for longer shelf life.

  • ■ Improving the shelf life of seafood by disinfecting on the basis of decomposing dirt and bacteria, while also improving product presentation.

  • ■ Spray PURE STELLA directly onto surfaces and simple wipe off, since no residues are left.

  • ■ Use PURE STELLA as a pre-cooking wash. Save rinsing water since PURE STELLA has no surfactants, therefore no foam. 

  • ■ And many, many more food related applications!


Facilities, Home or Industrial Cleaning:


Perhaps the most obvious use for PURE STELLA is, of course, facilities cleaning. Capable of both cleaning and sanitizing all types of buildings and homes. From offices, to hospitals, nursing homes, schools and common households. Because it contains no surfactants, it can be used safely around people of and in all types of conditions, since there is no foam during cleaning.

  • ■ Facilities cleaning: glass, windows, mirrors, furniture, floors, carpets, washrooms, toilets, etc.

  • ■ Office equipment cleaning: Air conditioning equipment, lighting equipment, smoking rooms, etc.

  • ■ Hotel cleaning: Bathrooms, kitchens, ceramics, toys, pets, odors, car interiors, people care, etc


Industrial Uses:


Since PURE STELLA contains no surfactans or any other chemicals besides of electrolized water, no foaming makes rinsing very easy, shortening cleaning time and saving water and, being 99.9% water, no special disposal management procedures are required.

  • ■ Precision parts cleaning: metal powder or abrasive liquids are easely removed, while preventing rust.

  • ■ Pressed parts: removal of fine protective dust and pressed oil.

  • ■ Machined parts: removal of coolant (oil and aqueous) and dirt contamination.

  • ■ Optical equipment parts. zero surfactants leaves no residues on optical manufactures.

  • ■ Chilled water cooling equipment corruption: algae and bacteria is neutralized preventing water rot, bad odor and eventual piping corrosion.

  • ■ Dilution water of for cutting fluids.

And since PURE STELLA is 99.9% water, no special dangerous chemical disposal processes are required, so no extra management costs.

PURE STELLA as a disinfectant, has a highly successful certified antibacterial and sterilization performance (*) against Escherichia coli, pyogenic bacteria, Salmonella, Vibrio Enteritis, Influenza (Type A), and Norovirus (*), so it is highly recommended for the industry food, work facilities (offices and factories) and the home, cleaning, disinfection and preservation of vegetables, fruits, and even fresh fish.

Make PURE STELLA perform even more! You can do a 5 to 1 dilution in water, and it will maintain its cleaning capabilities, so it can make 20 liters to 100!

* Important notice: the effectiveness of PURE STELLA against other types of viruses or bacteria is not fully certified.

Check out our demo video:


Ecological degreaser 99.9% water!

The product does not contain surfactants or surfactants. No need to rinse!

Achieves eradication of viruses and bacteria

Pure Stella has studies that certify its performance in eliminating the influenza virus and norovirus.

Deodorization and disinfection of surfaces

Clean all surfaces and don't worry about infections; clean and sanitize food and utensils.

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