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BIDEMICS Ceramic Cutting Tools

NTK's BIDEMICS is the latest revolutionary insert grade to hit the HRSA material machining industry since the release of Whisker ceramics.
BIDEMICS is a patented material with unique physical characteristics that are above and beyond current whisker grades used on HRSA material applications.
The word is spreading through the HRSA industry and around the world about the results achieved when using BIDEMICS.


Semi-finishing & Finishing / Rough no scale

- Up to 1600 SFM speed capability.
- Much longer tool life at competition (Whisker) ceramics's speed range.
- Better wear resistance and notching resistance than competition (Whisker) ceramics.
- Superior surface finish vs. competition (Whisker) ceramics.

Hardness HRA: 95.5 / Bending Strength MPa: 1,800 / Thermal Conductivity W/m·K: 40

JX1/JX3 works exceptionally well on Inconel 718 and Inconel 625 as well as on the latest HRSA materials. JX1 can withstand small interruption and smooth scale, but JX3 will be the better option for applications where toughness is required, also, JX1 can provide a big difference in productivity, especially when running a 20" or bigger diameter part.



- 10 to 15x speed capability vs. carbide
- Better wear resistance and notching resistance than CBNs
- Superior surface finish to Carbide or CBN
- Strong brazing technology

JP2 works very well on Inconel 718 and Inconel 625 and E02 edge -honing. JP2 has a larger corner-radius toughness, so use as large a radius as you can.


Higher speeds, more productivity, longer tool life.

Works well on wide range of high temperature alloys.

Superior surface finish, speed up grooving operations.

Machine Specifications