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Hydro Chuck Omega (PCH-H) Hydraulic Toolholder

No more compromises between grip strength and precision for rough machining! Greater hydraulic pressure capacity and greater rigidity thanks to a greater grip area that moves the flex point higher up the tool.

The Omega (H) line of PHC hydraulic drill bits improves machining efficiency by reducing the probability of tool displacement thanks to the design of its high pressure hydraulic tank around the chuck sleeve that absorbs the vibration produced during cutting.



Anti-vibration effect

Special oil chamber around the chucking sleeve absorbs cutting vibrations.

High precision

3µm accuracy with 1µm repetition

High rigidity and high individual balance

Superior performance against other brands and individual balancing allowing up to 20,000min-1

Wide and versatile opening range

Inner diameter available from φ 16.0 ~ φ 42.0

Availability on all types of shanks


Machine Specifications