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Anti-Vibration Carbide End Mill AE-VM (Cortadores Carburo Anti-Vibración)

The AE-VM line-up from OSG's A-Brand Series provide superior cutting capabilites thanks to its many features such as positive rake angle, high rigidity and a new flute form that is clearly shown in the quality of milled slots.

The AE-VM line-up of cutting tools provides stable milling thanls to its several technical features, allowing several different applications:

- Slot Miiting, Side Milling, Helical Milling, Countour Milling, Ramping, Deep Lateral Milling, Copying, Trochoidal, etc.

Low cutting force is a result of sharp positive rake angles, high tool rigidity and new flute geometry, and this creates and excellent chip evacuation properties which enable stable milling and good suppresion of burr creation.

DUARISE coating provides excellent lubrication and superior resistance to friction and high oxidation temperatures, achieving excellent surface finish quality.


Positive Rake Angles that reduces cutting force

High Rigidity improves milling accuracy

New Flute Form facilitates excellent chip evacuation

Machine Specifications