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TORNADO Ultrasonic Cleaning System (Sistema de Lavado Ultrasónico Mixto)

The KAIJO TORNADO system is an assembly in 3 workstations composed of ultrasonic washing, rinsing and drying. Excellent for small parts such as machined parts, stamped or mechanical assemblies (bearings, hardware, metal instruments). Cleans, degreases, removes rust and can provide anti-corrosive treatment (with specialized rinsing). Ultrasonic cavitation cleaning PHOENIX III @ 600W (26kHz) and 1200W (38kHz). 

Product Info

Both the wash and rinse tanks are equipped with the TORNADO system, a rotating basket device that guarantees optimal washing and rinsing at all times. In addition, the tubs have an overflow tank as well as a circulation/filtration system and temperature control. The force/speed of the rotary and immersion movement are adjustable, as well as the washing/rinsing and drying times, and drying is done by rotation and hot air, reducing the process time.


All-in-One Solution

Three operations in a single device, one next to the other.


Easy adjustment of power, wash times and heater temperature.

Adjustable design

In case of particular client request's, special adjustents are possible.

Machine Specifications

HSC-301W 2150 ×950 ×1680 mm Phoenix Ⅲ (600W or 1200W) 200V ac / 3φ / 55amp Compressed air and running water required.