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Universall Ball Lok (UBL) Swing Pull-Back Chuck

Power chuck design to meet several kinds of user requirements where rigidity, durability, and superior gripping performance of cast or forged materials with either overhang or draft angles that conventional chucks can't grip. Available either as centralizing UBL (for general chucking) or compensating UBL (for center holes) types. Other options such as long-stroke, large-diameter through-hole, switch-over ON/OFF, or 6-jaw ID/OD chucking are available.


- UBL CENTRALIZING (3 / 2 / 6 Jaw)

This is a general type jaw with the part of the gagging centered and with the face of the stop aligned with the face of the edge. This type of clamp reliably holds even cast / forged raw material pieces with a setting (up to 20 °) to ensure a constant dimensional accuracy in the axial direction even during high strength cutting. The structure of two or more jaws is available. The clamp can be easily changed for either mandrel OD (outer diameter) or DI (internal diameter). The jaws, plugs, and other upper parts are designed according to the individual needs of the customer.

In addition, a wide variety of jaws can be selected for various types of parts. The carbide insertion jaw and the special form clamp are effective for machining difficult-to-cut materials. The high-tensile strength aluminum clamp is suitable for high-speed machining. The master/jaw type and the quick-change jaw system (Q.J.C.) are useful for machining many types of workpieces / small parts.

- UBL COMPENSATING (3 / 2 / 6 Jaw)

The compensation type is designed to allow the jaws to clamp a workpiece with equal forces along the perimeter of the workpiece with respect to the central/boss holes; two or more jaws structure is available.

All parts, except the actuator, are equal to the centralizing type chuck. The compensating-type UBL chuck offers a wide range of chucking, depending on boss and center holes. Also, this type features excellent cost-efficiency and great adaptability to complex-shape cutting and high-load machining, as well as high levels of accuracy and maintainability. In addition, special jaws, fixed center, reference pin, dynamic balance correction, combination design, etc. can be employed according to individual customer requirements in terms of machining accuracy, cutting conditions, and grip shape.  


Gripping either inner or outer diameter of workpiece is possible with the same chuck.

The equalizing mechanism enables chucking of uneven thickness OD parts.

Heavy-duty cutting of tapered workpieces is possible with a minimum gripping allowance.

The arm seal and special waterproof seal offer excellent dust and water resistance.

The excellent drawing function ensures accurate and stable chucking.

Machine Specifications